Give Us What You’ve Got
The client area of our web site is designed for you to easily upload your files to our servers. When files are uploaded, you will receive an email confirmation indicating the completion of the upload process.

Monarch is now using to transfer your large files between your site and ours. This safe and secure file transfer site is as easy as email and allows you to send us files as large as 2Gb in size.


File Upload Requirements
Before sending any files, it is highly recommended that you use StuffIt (Mac/Windows) or WinZip (Windows) to compress the file size. Smaller file sizes will upload much faster and lessen the chance of corruption upon receipt. Also, multiple files that are compressed into a single archive make organization of the job much easier. Mac Fonts that are zipped often lose the data in the file that indicate it is a font and do not transfer well. If you are sending us fonts, please use Stuffit and archive the fonts in a .sit file.

Preferred Transfer File Formats

StuffIt Archive (.sit) (Preferred)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)
StuffIt X Archive (.sitx)
WinZip Archive (.zip)

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