File Conditions
Color: If your upload is to be reproduced in 4 color process, be sure you select the CMYK color space when creating your files.

Spot Colors and RGB values will be converted to CMYK and may result in unexpected color shifts.

Resolution: Color and Grayscale images should be no less than 300ppi at final size. A 300ppi image enlarged 200% in a page layout will result in a final image resolution of 150ppi.

Line Art should be scanned at a minimum of 1200ppi in bitmap mode and saved as either TIF or EPS. If you are unsure about the resolution please tell us and we can check your files and tell you how they will reproduce.

E-mail: Attachments of 5MB or less are acceptable. However, we recommend uploading all files through our Upload Site to ensure delivery and receive a confirmation of the transaction.

Preferred Transfer File Formats
StuffIt Archive (.sit) (Preferred)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)
StuffIt X Archive (.sitx)
WinZip Archive (.zip)

Printing File Formats
Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) (Preferred)
Adobe Indesign (.indd) (Preferred)
Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)
Tagged Image File Format (.tif)
Joint Photographics Experts Group (.jpeg)
Quark Xpress (.qxp)

Design and production is prepared within the Mac OS. Files that do not confirm to any of the specifications stated below may reproduce with unexpected results, cause delays, or incur extra charges.

Adobe Acrobat PDF (v7): PDFX1a is the industry standard for printing. To create a PDF, we recommend first printing to a postscript file and then using Acrobat Distiller v7.0 with the PDFX1a settings to generate the PDF. We do not recommend using “Save As PDF” directly from the application, as this may reproduce with unexpected results.

Adobe Illustrator CS 3 EPS or PDF files are preferred. All placed images must be embedded or supplied. Fonts also must be embedded, supplied, or converted to curves.

Adobe InDesign CS 3: Before uploading native files, you must package the file (gather the files you’ve used, including fonts, linked graphics, and a customized report with any printing instructions).

To package a file, choose File > Package. In the File menu, click Package. Fill in the printing instructions and continue. Select the following check boxes: Copy Fonts (Roman Only), Copy Linked Graphics, and Update Graphic Links in package.

Adobe Photoshop CS 3: PSD, EPS, PDF and TIF files (when saved without LZW compression) are acceptable.



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